About Us

Have a particular business need? Here at Cool Runnings Business Solutions, we got it covered.

Cool Runnings is a one-stop-shop for business solutions that aids your business by providing a wide range of services that meets your operational, planning, technical and strategic needs. We offer a variety of services such as Accounting, Bookkeeping, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Software Development, Business Process Design, and more to all industries.

Our customisable business solutions align your business strategy to meet your business needs. Whether your business need be finance, productivity, back office, customer service support, marketing, business development, account management, website development to workforce management, our experts deliver quality service.

At Cool Runnings, our aim is to add value to your business and deliver the ultimate user experience.

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Our Expertise

We deliver services for your business operations, planning, technical and strategic needs. We support business owners by offering quality products that will empower them.

Our business outsourcing expertise are as follows:

  • Technology Solutions: With our website experts, we provide businesses technology solutions such as web hosting, website development and any content development for your website.
  • Accounting and Financial Solutions: we offer accounting and financial services which can help lessen your heavy workload on accounting and financial support.
  • Administration Solutions: We can back up any businesses with their internal workload. From data entries to administrative assistant tasks, our team is always here to support.
  • Marketing Solutions: Our digital marketing team can support any businesses. Our SEO specialists can help develop brand awareness and widen the reach on potential customers for a better ROI.
  • Customer Service Solutions: Our customer service agents takes care of any inbound and outbound sales and they can deliver strategies for business to gain sales. Our team can carry businesses brand on a professional level and will take full responsibility as frontline communicators of any businesses.


  • Media Solutions: We do logos, corporate projects, re-creations, photo and video edits, photo enhancement and any graphic services our client needs.


  • Business Management Solutions: Cool Runnings can make business processes and help improve an employee’s workflow. We will suggest and advice the best for our clients’ business management. Finding the best and most effective strategies that fits to the business.


  • Engineering and Architectural Solutions: We can take up the challenge and accommodate architectural and engineering businesses. We can design websites that are optimise to target their prospect customers and make the business deals faster and better.


  • Manufacturing and inventory Solutions: Manufacturing businesses can now widen their business reach by having their own website to reach more prospect clients. Our web developers team can design a website that are navigable to make a clear customer experience with your customers online.


  • Training Solutions: We offer customisable trainings for entrepreneurs and we share our knowledge based on experience. We provide courses for leadership, customer service and digital marketing to help improve business strategies and actions.


  • Custom Solutions: Cool Runnings can create customised solutions to further develop the workflow of businesses. Our experts and experienced support services are willing to give strategies and we report KPIs wherein business owners can check out and learn what can make their business improve.


We want to provide services to streamline business process for you to gain a broader reach, identify target KPIs, and meet the bottom line. We offer services that highlight your corporate brand and core values. Our experts guide you through from project quoting, strategic project management, project testing up to project launch up to goal tracking and monitoring.

Our business solutions enable you to do more and be more. We provide smooth sailing transactions at any stage of your business process. With our experts equipped with state-of-the art technology, we manage projects seamlessly for a more efficient business process through agile integration, reporting, management of projects, workforce, data, account, capabilities and information systems.

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  • Devoted to work: We as a team are dedicated to provide the best to help small to medium businesses grow, develop and learn. As a team, we all are passionate to step up and reach opportunities that can take the working phase of any business to the next level. We agree to take the truth that nothing big can be achieve without sacrificing and giving effort to what we aim to get at in the first place.


  • Fun to Work With: With a quality work delivered, we never want fun out of the workplace. We always want to follow each and everyone’s passion on doing what they want and having fun makes the job easier even with a lot of challenges. Life’s too short and it would be awful not to have fun with.


  • Customer Centered: Our staff always gives a total focus on any task our customer needs. We want to inspire our clients with our best efforts in every service we provide that will make them happy in every result.


  • Creativity: Our unique designs for business’ website will be appealing to prospect customers. It make the products more captivating to the buyers. Going beyond the limit is what makes things grow and our team always choose to think outside the box and get the most out of what we can have as an opportunity to develop. We will always provide creative strategies that we will share to everyone.
  • Growth: We are a growing company that develops high quality innovations to help your business compete with the biggest companies in Australia.





  • Integrity & Honesty: We make sure that our clients websites information is secure enough at the very beginning of their business with us. With any advice and suggestion we give, we want to state the facts. Truth can fix things if stated earlier and we don’t want to risk your business by giving misleading information. We’ll provide the truth and that’s what will makes us credible as a company in the long run.


  • Professionalism: As a company with integrity, we want to stay credible at all times. Despite putting fun within the workplace, we want to provide quality services and we want to interact professionally with our clients. We are a team that shares confidence with each other, and being confident with providing quality services for us makes one professional within a workplace.


  • Commitment to Work: Our company establish timeline in every project we do. We want to reach our customers’ expectations and we put a lot of our time to give them services that they deserve. We listen to your ideas and we will be open to share our knowledge by giving the best advice for our client’s businesses.


  • Teamwork: Each of us want to share their time and efforts when needed in any projects. Our staff are flexible on any type of task given and we support each other to provide a better outcome on our quality products and services.


  • Innovation: We work to provide what business owners want for their businesses. Our team want to support businesses on thinking about their strategy on their way to the top. We aim to solve our clients’ business needs from digital marketing up to website hosting and optimization.


  • Excellence: In every product and services we deliver, we want to give our best and we want to share our excellence in everything we do. Our company wants to keep a mark on every client we have by performing our best to support and help them find the best for their business.