Creating an Effective Website Information Architecture

 Creating an Effective Website Information Architecture - Cool Runnings Business Solutions

Creating an Effective Website Information Architecture

We are now in a modern world where technology is part of our daily lives. This is an advantage for entrepreneurs to reach out and connect with their customers. Sadly, most entrepreneurs haven’t realised the advantage technology can give to their business.


If your prospects come often to a place where they find the right product or services they need, why not take advantage of the traffic and create your presence within that place? Create your own business website.


To tell you the truth, creating a business website isn’t easy. There are a lot of aspects to consider. Today we’ll focus on the most important part that really needs a thorough planning and designing: the information architecture of your website. It would be better to plan a website information architecture by prioritising to make it Relevant, Original, Transparent, Navigable (ROTN):

 ROTN - Relevant Original Transparent Navigable - Cool Runnings Business Solutions



Now let’s talk what you need when designing an effective information architecture.

      • Identify your goal – What’s your goal as a business? Not every business website knows how important it is to identify the main goal for website visitors. It will be pointless if you don’t know where and how to drive your visitors to the right path. Better have a specific goal to make thigs simple. Here are some example to make this clear:
        • Phone call
        • Purchase a product
        • Make an appointment
        • Enrol to your webinar
      • Website content – What will you put on your website? Organise your content ideas and include relevant information that can attract more visitors and convince them to complete the transaction that you want them to make. Make it simple and be unique to gain loyal customers.
      • Sitemap – Make sure to have a clear sitemap that works. A poor sitemap structure will lead customers to abandon. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. It is also best to have a 3rd person point of view. If that person didn’t get it and still asks for an explanation, you should re-do your sitemap structure.
      • Website navigation – Make sure to have a clear navigation menu for your website. This can help your visitors and will lessen abandonment rate. For an e-commerce website, it is advisable to categorise product to give visitors a quick search for a certain product type (read this to learn more about e-commerce website’s best practices).
      • Label/clickable buttons – Use sensible words that are familiar to the majority. Users will click buttons that are linked to a certain page that they represent and will avoid confusion for further processing.

Planning for an effective information architecture for your website is a great start. We hope these tips helped you get the right idea before getting your own business website. If you need help and collaboration in creating an effective business website, we at Cool Runnings Business Solutions can provide you further collaboration to help you create a website that works. Contact us today!

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