E-commerce Business Do’s and Don’ts

E-commerce Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that 53% of active users worldwide are making purchases online? When you look at it, that’s quite a number for one not to get into technology today. More and more shoppers choose to buy products online and if you don’t want to end your business, better have your own e-commerce website and sell online.Before anything else, you must get the idea and execute plans that will convert. Read further and learn the right things to have when creating your own e-commerce website.

E-commerce website Don'ts- Cool Runnings Business Solutions
  • Don’t hide shipping charges
    • State your shipping charges clearly. A secret surprise such as shipping charges will drive your customer to abandon the process. Have a complete and accurate breakdown of the product charges and better to add on the product description what are the product demands and how much will be the total cost including the amount to pay for the shipping.
  • Don’t ignore social media
    • Never miss the chance to advertise your products on social media platforms. Grow your community and drive customers to your website using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Don’t make false promises
    • The promise of easy return, one-day delivery are all too tempting especially when fishing for leads and retaining customers. But simple, exaggerated phrases will break you in the future if you don’t put them into action. Never overpromise or just don’t promise at all if you can’ make it happen.
  • Don’t put too many banner ads/spam pop-ups
    • Spam pop-ups are very much annoying and will drive your customers away. They will get distracted rather than completing their purchase. Avoid putting these kinds of ads or pop-ups to your website or better remove them completely.
  • Don’t give up quickly
    • This is not an overnight process. Give your best and never give up on the first, second and third time. Put a lot of time and effort and soon you’ll get succeed on what you invested for.
E-commerce Websites Do's- Cool Runnings Business Solutions
  • Do use high quality images
    • Have quality images of the product from different angles to provide your customer a closer look. It would be best to have the actual photo of your product to build up trust. When it comes to images, your perspective should portray “what you see is what you get”.
  • Do categorise your product
    • Sort items and categorise your product and this will let your customers find the product they are searching for. E-commerce websites that aren’t sorted according to product category cause shopping cart abandonment.
  • Do quick/short buying process
    • Design a buying process that will convert. Short processes work better in driving your customers to complete the purchase. Make sure that your payment method works with minimal errors.
  • Do optimise your website across any devices
  • Do have a guest checkout option
    • Open your online store to everyone and let them transact with you without creating their account for your website. Always welcome guests. This way, you don’t lose the chance to sell more.

No matter what your selling product is, never let go of the chance of growing through your online shop. If the time comes and you already built up a brand within your customer community, it is advisable to invest for a mobile application. Never give in and grow your business today.

Planning to have your own e-commerce website? Send your ideas today and we will help you put that into action.

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