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There is no denying that today, mobile phones are part of every people’s life. People working in the line of business must have a mobile phone on hand to keep themselves updated and connect real-time with their clients. Most people might not get the idea why mobile optimisation has become an important part for websites. It is critical for every business website to develop a mobile friendly site. Having one affects the competition against other business websites.


To help you think of the best ideas to work on regarding this matter, here are some tips to ponder on. Read further and let us help you plan for your business website evolution.


Here’s a fundamental checklist to start your website mobile optimisation:

  • Responsive design – Your website has a responsive design if the pages automatically change to fit the device you use. Try viewing any of your website pages and resize the browser window. If the text, images, header and footer changes based on how small or big the window is, your website has a responsive design.
  • Loading speed – We live in a fast-paced world and users need quick yet essential answers to their queries online. If your website isn’t loading quickly, your visitors will abandon your website which will affect your business website performance. You can check your web page speed online click on the image and let Google check your web page speed.
Google PageSpeed Insight - Cool Runnings Business Solutions
  • Mobile design – There are three points to consider, we can recall them as 3 U of mobile design”.
    • User Interface (UI) – Two factor for this point; Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Human Computer Interface (HCI). This lets you take care of how your visitors interact using any device while viewing your web pages.
    • Usability – This is navigability of your website when viewed on any devices. Make sure that your buttons are clickable even on small mobile devices, if not this may irate them which will push them to abandon your website.
    • User Experience – Always consider your visitors. Create a website framework that will lead them to your business website main goal at the first place.


Keeping your business website to the edge also keeps your business alive. It’s about how quick you provide answers to your client’s needs.


There are more factors to consider making your business website win. Here are some to help you out:


  • Readable fonts/prints
  • High-quality images
  • Put content that are necessary (and no more)
  • Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Avoid sliders (if necessary)
  • Navigable


Do have a smart investment on your business website and widen your reach. Connect and communicate real-time with your clients and don’t lose the chance to grow your community.


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